The ATR exterior model has been painstakingly recreated to provide an exceptionally accurate aircraft. Almost every item on the aircraft has been recreated, animated, and textured. A lot of information gathered from our research trips to Toulouse France were used in the design process.

From the modeled propellers, to the tail stand, you will see almost everything function like it should. The aft passenger exit opens, as well as the fore cargo door. You have a working prop brake so the APU can run (the APU is integrated into an engine on the ATR, so the prop can't spin when the APU is on). Winshield wipers animate, the nose wheel steers, and a whole lot more are included in this model.

There are even a few special effects such as when the engines start you see puffs of exaust appear when the engines ignite. You will see the glow of the wing lights below the clear covers, and of course the runways and taxiways will be fully lit with the bright landing lights.

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