Inside the ATR 72-500 2D cockpit, users will see an instrument panel setup as you would if you peered into the cockpit of the real aircraft. The panel sports three different seating positions: Pilot, Co-Pilot, and Jumpseat, and offers a wide screen format for those users who like to have all there information in front of them. The aircraft also includes a landing view panel. This will allow users to have greater visibility when they are landing this beautiful plane on their favorite runway.

Over 800 high-resolution digital photographs of the ATR 72-500 were used to reproduce the 2D, Interior, and Virtual Cockpit views. Almost all of the gauges in the cockpit are comprised of photographs to bring the panel to the highest level of authenticity.

Besides the superb 2D Panel views, the interior features a high-quality rendition of the complete cockpit of the ATR 72-500. Each of the views represented below were taken using a top-quality digital camera to reproduce the cockpit surroundings in exquisite detail. The digital photographs were taken directly from an ATR 72-500 aircraft, at a position that would represent the normal eye level position of someone sitting in the pilot's seat of this beautiful aircraft. This allows users to experience the aircraft in Flight Simulator 2004 as if they were actually sitting in the real version of this aircraft.

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