The ATR is quite unique in that the inside cockpit and cabin have been modeled with very high detail to bring you the most complete experience possible. Flying via the virtual cockpit is extremely realistic, with almost every switch fuctional.

You can also stroll through the virtual cabin. In fact, to get to the rear lavatory, you can unlock the cockpit locking mechanism, open the door, walk into the cargo area, open the cargo door that leads to the cabin, stroll through the asile, open the lavatory door, enter, flush (yes, this is possible), and then reverse your path back.

The virtual cockpit has full lighting for different times of day. The photos below show many differnent times and how the lighting changes. Interior lights are switchable, the windhield wipers work in 2 speeds (they actually keep the glass clear of drops along thier path), and the ambient sound really give you a 3D experience, especially with a high-quality sound system.

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