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Home Cockpit Building and ATR42/72-500

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Topic: Home Cockpit Building and ATR42/72-500
Posted By: washburn_it
Subject: Home Cockpit Building and ATR42/72-500
Date Posted: December-06-2005 at 10:13am

Hi All,

I'm going to build my own home cockpit based on the beautiful ATR72-500 using the IOCard from OpenCockpits.

That system is fully programmable with a specific language (SIOC) which with you can implement and program every system of an aircraft.

Then I need to know detailed information about 72-500 on-board systems logic (overhead, power management etc) to better simulate for instance a correct start-up sequence or the power managing.

Where should I find that documentation? Is there here someone who can suggest me (or send) the needed documentation?

Thank you, regards.


Posted By: Norman_78
Date Posted: December-06-2005 at 2:19pm

Hi Bob,

I want to build a ATR 72 Simulator for myself too.
I will use FSBUS.
Did you have some documentation about the Cockpit? Measure of Panels,...?


Sorry for my english

Posted By: Christian
Date Posted: December-06-2005 at 4:46pm
Originally posted by Norman_78 Norman_78 wrote:

 Measure of Panels,...?

Hi Normal, I have some pictures with "measuers" of main instrumentpanel and pedestral. And i have a lot pictures of the cockpit.


best regards


ex Cpt ATR72 , ex Cpt BAe146, now CRJ Cpt , Germany

Posted By: washburn_it
Date Posted: December-06-2005 at 5:50pm

Unfortunately I don't have measures of the the way I won't build it as it is in real but "reduced" since I don't have so much room.

Can any of you help me to find technical documentation about ATR42/72-500?



Posted By: tomana
Date Posted: January-31-2006 at 2:17am
Hi Washburn_it,

I am also interested in building an ATR42/72-500 cockpit. Did you try to go an ATR website ( ? maybe you can find some technical documentation. By the way, do you have some articles about building home cockpit ? I am discovering this subject and so I'd like to learn more about that.

Thanks a lot


Posted By: washburn_it
Date Posted: February-01-2006 at 6:25am

Hi Tomana,

in the ATR web site I only found technical specifications concerning dimensions, engines but nothing useful for a home cockpit.

What I should know is,  for instance, the algorithm or the logic of the power management to model it with SIOC, since I choose to use IOCards as interface for my home cockpit.

I tried to post this request but as you can see I've got no answer.

At the moment I'm modelling my home cockpit by observing and monitoring all the parameters involved with engines (through FSUIPC)trying to discover or at least replicate the power management logic.

If you want to learn more about home cockpit building you can go to AVSIM (Home Cockpit Builders section) and read tons of thread about this subject.

There you can also find links to many cockpit builder sites to learn how to solve problems encountered during the "making of".

Further I suggest you to go to - or - to learn about electronic interfaces for cockpits.



Posted By: Raoulshair
Date Posted: February-07-2006 at 10:19am

Hi all,

I only want to build a throttle rack if possible replica from ATR  But where to find more info regarding the electric part.

Throttle quadrant should have:

parking brake

Condition levers



Handles i can make but it's electronic i need help

anybody some Idea's.

There a shop in the netherlands i have been there . They build cockpits but for 737. They have some info but not all


Freedom is in the Air

Posted By: Jet1
Date Posted: February-19-2006 at 3:04pm
The throttle "notch" and condition levers would be a bit tricky to make for this ATR, as there are no keypresses or "offsets" available to control them   Only mouse clicks.


Posted By: washburn_it
Date Posted: February-20-2006 at 6:36am

Latest News:

I'm building the overhead (not complete since some systems are not simulated in FS2004, a picture of the ignition panel here: - 6 ) having already implemented a "preliminary" start sequence of the engines (with SIOC).

Concurrently I'm developing glass cockpit gauges (similarly to Project Magenta) regarding the Torque, Prop, ITT and NH/NL instruments (8 instruments so far) that I will release (when ready) as FREEWARE for all the ATR72 enthusiasts who will request it !!

They can run on a different computer than the one with FS2004 through a network (without using WideFS) or in the same FS2004 computer by running on a secondary monitor (if your video card supports it of course).

I don't know yet when they will be ready (maybe next month but I can't assure it) since I'm still experiencing with OpenGL but if someone wants to test them when ready I would be very happy to send it.

Best regards,


Posted By: washburn_it
Date Posted: February-21-2006 at 4:29am

To RaoulShair:

there are some solutions concerning the electronic for simulation:

1) FSBUS ( - )

2) IOCards ( - )

I will build my throttle quadrant in this way: I bought a cheap USB Joystick (3 axis), took out the board and the potentiometers.

Two of the three pots will be assigned to power lever 1 and 2 (standard FS2004 assignement), the third pot maybe will be assigned to the vertical trim.

The condition levers and the flap lever will move a rotary switch and the brake lever will move a push button or a standard switch...everything (except for  power levers) will be managed by IOCard and SIOC.

If you want to know further I can suggest you to go and have a look at the AVSIM Forum (Home Cockpit Builders section).



Posted By: American Eagle
Date Posted: March-01-2006 at 10:22am

I saw some pictures of a home-built ATR 72 cockpit.  It was very detailed and had hydraulics to get the feel of turbulence and other goings in the environment.

If I could find that link, I'll post it.  Basically I want an ATR cockpit, too.   I want one right next to one of - these !

Qualified ATR 72-200 pilot

Posted By: ATRpapa
Date Posted: March-01-2006 at 10:29am
My golly, you guys are real heavy duty sim pilots. What are you going to think of next? Putting wings on those sim so it can fly? 

Happy Landings

Posted By: American Eagle
Date Posted: March-01-2006 at 10:40am


I was seriously thinking of a way to build (atleast a 4-seat) boeing cabin and set up projetors on each side of the cab for a realistic passenger sim.  The amount of work and money isn't worth it.

Qualified ATR 72-200 pilot

Posted By: washburn_it
Date Posted: March-06-2006 at 5:56am

To American Eagle:

I'm currently working on a "glass cockpit gauge" (still under work) for the ATR 72-500...this is a preview:

 as you can see it's not yet completed (some details of the Torque gauge are missing) but I think it will be ready at the end of this month ...including ITT and NH/NL gauges.




Posted By: Django
Date Posted: March-07-2006 at 9:12pm
Originally posted by washburn_it washburn_it wrote:

Is there here someone who can suggest me (or send) the needed documentation?

I've also been looking around the web for ATR documentation. Other than the ATR website the following might be of interest to you: -

%20 - getype=65&applicationid=11&mode=detail&id=804 -

Regards, Django.

v3b5 AIRAC0513 SidStar08Jan06
FS9.1 FSUIPC3.53 ProjAI+AISmooth1.11a
128MB6600GT NVIDIA84.21 2QAA 4AF DirX9.0c FPS=26lock@1280X960
Intel915G 3GHzP4(530+HT) 1.5GBPC3200 7200SATA

Posted By: washburn_it
Date Posted: March-08-2006 at 3:11am

Thank you Django...very interesting especially the document available at the first link.



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