Research, travel, work, and fun! Below are a series of photos detailing some of the aspects in our research trip to find out what the ATR is all about. Any great project starts off with meetings and this one was no different with the development team meeting in Toulouse, France to discuss the project and the upcoming research work. Following the dinner meeting and a good nights rest, the team got up bright an early to start work in the ATR simulators. This time was used for lots of sound recording, flight testing, procedures study, and night lighting overview photographs.
After the first of many simulator sessions, it was time to hit the production facility and flight line. The opportunity to see just how the real aircraft is put together is a lot of help in putting together a flight simulation version. Of course photos are a big part in any package that we do so the cameras really got a work out on our brand new photo bird. Thousands of photos were shot of every little detail. Finally we wrapped up the trip to the flight line by taking the aircraft for a spin around the airport and recording all the sounds possible. All of this added up to a lot of fun for guys who love aviation and Flight Simulation.

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